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New Member
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Registered: ‎03-01-2017

3210 WON'T DEFAULT TO "NETWORK" scanning

The 3210 I rented is scanning to Network just's not a Network problem.

The problem is, the machine CANNOT be set to Network/PDF as the default on the control panel; it always defaults to USB!!


Also, after I press the right arrow TWICE to get to NetworkScan, I have to press it NINE MORE TIMES to get it to actually scan......bypassing password, ID, connecting, destination...etc, etc, etc.


Is there no way to perform ONE TOUCH SCANNING with this bloody machine once all my defaults are set???

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Re: 3210 WON'T DEFAULT TO "NETWORK" scanning

[ Edited ]

nope :)


normally you shouldnt enter password/id ... you can define that in your scan template