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3325 Scan to PC Image Quality Issue

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One of our 3325's has started having incredibly bad scan quality intermittently. They say about half the time it scans as expected, but the other half looks similar to the example I've included in this post. It looks like it's splitting the paper vertically about a dozen times, has extra dark background, and all kinds of other noise that shouldn't be there. They are scanning at 150 DPI in order to keep the file size small enough to meet their online storage requirements, so upping that isn't an option unless someone shares with me a better way to reduce file size. Regardless, half the time they come out fairly clean and normal looking, and the vendor we get our Xerox machines from has concluded that there's nothing wrong with the machine itself. We use Xerox Easy Printer Manager for the Scan to PC settings. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!


Bad Network Scan Example.PNG

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Re: 3325 Scan to PC Image Quality Issue

If they really think the printer plays no part in the issue then the simple answer is to simply uninstall then reinstall the software.

If the issue stops they were right.

But.. I don't think they are, that looks like a failing imaging board in the scanner hardware.

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Re: 3325 Scan to PC Image Quality Issue

I re-installed the software this morning so we'll see what happens, although like you I believe this to be a hardware issue.