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5330 scan to email with O365

[ Edited ]

Model: Xerox WorkCentre 5330

Software Versions:

SystemVersion 53.30.11
Controller ROMVersion 1.205.7
IOT ROMVersion 40.2.0
ADF ROMVersion 7.10.0
Fax ROMVersion 1.1.14
SJFIVersion 3.0.18

Version 1.16.0

SMTP Settings:


port: 587

startTLS enabled

auth enabled



Using the admin email settings validation testing tool within the web UI, email sends to destination successfully.  When using the 'scan to email' function on the device, devices issues an 'smtp over ssl failed' error (017-714).


Seeking suggestions.  Thank you.


additional actions taken:  site to O365 connector has been configured, also attempted to setup stunnel on a workstation and use it as a proxy for the workcentre (no dice), also tried appriver's open relay settings, didn't work either.

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Re: 5330 scan to email with O365

Hi Tex Tony,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please upgrade to the latest firmware for the 53xx. The firmware is here and is dated last month. If this upgrade does not fix the issue please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Re: 5330 scan to email with O365

Use the settings you had when you got the 017-714 error, but upgrade to this firmware and it will work.


The issue is SHA-2 encryption, your current firmware doesn't support it, only the last release does (the one I linked)

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