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Registered: ‎11-23-2010

Adding E-Mail Address to Address Book



This is my first time on this forum and this is my first post. :manhappy:


I have a Xerox 7335 Workcenter and I need to add some people to the address book so when they scan a document, it is sent directly to them as PDF.  I have checked around the internet and I cannot find a way to add them to the address book.


It is already installed and working, I just need to add myself to the address book.


Thanks in advance if you can help.


Declan D


Xerox Employee
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Re: Adding E-Mail Address to Address Book


  Welcome to the Xerox Customer Forums.  The community is fairly new and still growing.  Hopefully somebody will be able to assist you.



Brent Greer
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Re: Adding E-Mail Address to Address Book

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Re: Adding E-Mail Address to Address Book

Hello, Declan there are two ways to add addresses to the email address book - probably easiest is from the user interface at the 7335 itself. 

Select machine status, tools, then add address book entry - you can enter only the email address if you like but might want to add your name as welll.


you can also administer the address book via the unit's web page through internet explorer and it's IP address - search for details at and "public address book" 


Good luck!

Margo Valens Xerox Customer Trainer, Edmonton

Margo Valens, Xerox Customer Trainer