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Registered: ‎11-17-2017

AltaLink C8045 Fax Problem

When I try to send a 32-page fax, AltaLink C8045 fails.

It first shows, dialing...sending...completed 1 of 32.

Then it shows "paused", then it tries again..dialing...sending...completed 1 of 32.

After few minutes, it just fails.

Anybody have similar problem?

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Re: AltaLink C8045 Fax Problem

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Thank you for using the Xerox Customer Support Community Forum.

I have checked with Technical Support and we feel a firmware upgrade to or past x.28600 may fix your issue.


It could also be an issue with the line. If the firmware doesn't resolve the issue we suggest contacting your phone provider and ensure the line is working and properly configured for Fax transmission, not just telephone transmission.


I hope that helps.

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Re: AltaLink C8045 Fax Problem

First test for faxes is to listen to them, so go to the device, log in as admin and go to:

Device > Tools > App Settings > Fax App > Fax Volume


Turn up the volume for outgoing and send the fax, come back with the results of what you hear on a one page fax verses the 32 pager.


And as Sandy stated, an update may help, grab the latest here

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