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Gmail Scanning Issues – WorkCentre 7120 - 7125

Several posts have been discussing the recent changes in the Gmail security parameters and the issues it is causing with their multi-function devices. We are hoping this information will get you scanning once again with an alternate method while the email issue is being researched.


This focuses on the WorkCentre7120 7125 product family in relation to the scan to email feature with Gmail in which the Xerox device produces different error and fault codes relating to communication.


Recent changes in Gmail security parameters have changed the authentication requirement which is causing the Multi-Function Printer to have authentication failures. Gmail has two open Authentication methods (OAuth and OAuth2).


To isolate the cause of your errors and confirm if the issue is the Gmail server authentication, please use this test which will take you through each of the steps. If the telnet test fails as outlined, then the options are to install scanning to a network folder or to a mailbox (folder).


These instructions are intended for an advanced user.

Perform a Telnet Test to Confirm the Cause of the Issue and Review Alternate Scanning Methods


The Gmail Scanning Issue document also includes step by step (all with screen shots) on other forms of scanning the device supports (essentially alternative methods).


The issue is now in Engineering and a possible resolution is being developed but supplied in the linked document above are alternate methods of scanning for customer use.


NOTE – This does not address or outline the use of any other ”free” email providers.

Mitch Swetsky
Xerox Customer Tools & Social Media Moderator

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Re: Gmail Scanning Issues – WorkCentre 7120 - 7125

This problem is also affecting the Color 560 and D136 models. Both scan just fine with a "regular" Gmail account with lowered security set, but neither will work with Google Apps for Business. Just an FYI to Xerox.

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Re: Gmail Scanning Issues – WorkCentre 7120 - 7125

Mitchell the user can use Restricted Gmail SMTP server : :25 with out authentication and with out SSL and TLS ssl encryption but the can scan to email can only be sent to Gmail or Google Apps users . Regards
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