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Minimum required NTFS permissions for Scan to File Repository (Xerox WorkCentre)



I am configuring up many Xerox WorkCentre multifunction printers, in particular, the scan to file repository function. I have been able to successful scan to file repositories (SMB) with the following senario:


Windows Share permissions: Everyone - Full Control

Windows NTFS permissions: AD user scanning account (domain\ScanAccount) - Modify permissions


Modify permissions seem to be the minumum NTFS permission I can set on the file repository for scanning to work. Can anyone confirm this or provide any insight?

I would ideally like to have the scanning account's permissions be a minimal as possible (Write-Only, or perhaps Read/Write only). I'm not sure why it needs Modify permissions (which include the permission to delete files & folders)


The particular Xerox WorkCentre model I am testing this with is a WorkCentre 7845



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Re: Minimum required NTFS permissions for Scan to File Repository (Xerox WorkCentre)

It simply cannot work without READ/Write permissions, how could it? It needs to know what is in the folder (Read) and needs to be able to put the scan there (Write), as for Modify, it needs that for the scanner to be able to add to an existing file or replace one.




And the user account doesn't need special rights to the computer, it just needs the read/write ability on the share itself



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