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Scanner canceling job with one page left

We are using a 3315 to scan a large load of old case files.  It works great 90% of the time, but once in awhile, it will get to the last page and cancel the entire scan.  We try to make the pile smaller, and it often still does it.  Most of the time it seems to work just fine, but it's happening enough to be a major annoyance.  Are we simply overusing the machine (we currently have someone scanning non-stop for 9 hours or so, per day)  Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Re: Scanner canceling job with one page left

You are seriously over working it. If you scan that much stuff that often and that long, you don't need a multifunction device, you need a dedicated scanner.


The 3315 runs 360Mhz CPU and 128MB of RAM, to put that into perspective, the original iPhone from Apple was released in 2007 (10 years ago) with a 412MHz CPU and 128MB RAM


To be fair, they are different architectures and very different products, I'm just trying to compare in layman's terms.


And it isn't that the printer can't do it, it just won't behave without a break here and there, so when the user goes to the bathroom, for a smoke, for a bagel, for a cry while wondering where they went wrong in life, have them reboot the thing to clear it's cache.


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Registered: ‎03-22-2017

Re: Scanner canceling job with one page left

haha, we did figure out that shutting it off and on worked shortly after I posted this.  Now it says there is a paper jam when there clearly isn't.  I think we overworked the poor thing to robot death.  Time to have corporate shell out for a dedicated scanner.  Thanks!