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Set-up Shared Fax Xerox Workcenter 5335

We currently have installed 2 Xerox Workcentre 5335 Copiers with the Fax module built in.  I have been tasked to find out how to set up a share printer that will only Fax.  This way out buisness can just select the shared printer to fax only.   I cannot find any documenttation if this is possible.  We can select the fax option from printer properties from the driver, but it would be ideal just to be able to select a printer and go.  Any help would be great!

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Re: Set-up Shared Fax Xerox Workcenter 5335

You cannot "Select a printer and go" because you need to put in the fax number.


Having said that, you can make the Xerox Global Print driver Fax only fairly simply, just install the Xerox GPD and do the following


Go into Printer Properties > Administration




On your keyboard hold down CTRL+Shift+X and type into the box code8 and click Set




Select Configure Job Type List and select Setup deselect all but Fax and select OK > Close > OK




Driver is now Fax only



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Re: Set-up Shared Fax Xerox Workcenter 5335

Thank you for that information.  That did the trick!