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Setting "Scan to Email" on WorkCentre 3615

I need step by step on how to Settings "Scan to Email" Feature on WorkCentre 3615 using AT&T or GMAIL email Server with CWIS. Thank you.

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Re: Setting "Scan to Email" on WorkCentre 3615

You can't do Gmail direct from the machine.


 SHA-2 is a requirement for Gmail and Office365 as of January, this model doesn't support it at all, so it is impossible to work with Gmail fully, or directly.


You can send from a gmail account to another gmail hosted account via the APSMX server, but not to any address that is not hosted by gmail ,like AT&T ,Godaddy, yahoo, MSN etc etc. But you would be better off using a relay like SMTP2Go.


I have no idea if it could work for AT&T, I'm not a customer and am outside of the US.

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Re: Setting "Scan to Email" on WorkCentre 3615

Thank you Joe053204-xrx, I didn't try "GMAIL" but AT&T works fine