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Setting up C405 scan to pc

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struggling to set up scanning to my pc, can't work out how to do it. 

Have a VersaLink C405 that I got last week - printing is fine, faxing fine, but cannot scan.

From looking through here, in handbook (not that great imo), and google searches I have tried to make an address book entry for the PC I want to scan to, and a folder that I have shared - is this via the SMB field?


xerox smb.png

No idea what info needs to be input for it to work though, and can't find any guides that explain this accurately

Any help is appreciated




Sorry - forgot to add: windows 10 home, version 1703, os build 15063.608, 64 bit

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Re: Setting up C405 scan to pc



IP of PC = Click on your start menu, type CMD and hit the Enter key. Type ipconfig in the new window and hit Enter



Find the IPv4 address and put it in the first field




Now, we need the Share


Click on the Start menu and this time type 2 back slashes and the IP address found in the above and hit Enter

(In my case it is Start > \\192.1638.2.36 > Enter


In my case, I will find "Scans" and "Users", and I want to send them to Scans




So now I type Scans in the box for the Share


Document path is not needed, leave it blank


Login name is finicky, format it like it is found here (in the brackets), just right-click your shared folder in Windows and go to Properties, get to the point in the screenshot and add your username you use to log on and make sure it has Full control, then type in the username as it exists within the brackets



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Re: Setting up C405 scan to pc

Thanks very much, all working now