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Registered: ‎06-29-2016

WC 5024 network scanning problem



We're having issues with WC 5024 SMB scanning - our network is part of a domain, when scanning to a share located on the domain controller, we're getting error 027-518 - "Login Failed". The same share is accessible (using the account configured on WC 5024) from a regular workstation.

When scanning to share on a workstation (not the domain controller) we have no issues (using the same login credentials as before)


Thanks in advance!

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Re: WC 5024 network scanning problem

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what does your config look like on the machine?


This is how mine is set up and works without issues


Name or IP address: Host Name

Host Name: servername:445 (use port 445)

Share: share name of said server (our share name is collab)

Document Path: FolderName

Login Name: DOMAIN\user name

Password: *******


The part that got me (and most others) is adding the domain name in front of the user name.

Your situtation could be different but i hope this information helps.

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Re: WC 5024 network scanning problem

HOLA js983, no puedo comunicar mi Servidor con la WC 5024, me puedes apoyar de forma más detallada acerca de como poner los datos en la libreta de direcciones para SMB.