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WC7970 Workflow scanner setup - getting login failure

I'm trying to setup workflow scanner to scan to network folders.  I keep getting login failure.

I setup ldap and a user id (scanner admin) to login.  I took the settings/setup from the working printer.  This is new for me to setup workflow scanner on this Xerox printer.  Can you anyone tell me where to check or how to setup the scanner.  I have the printer admin document open and follow the instructions, but I'm getting no where.  Please help.

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Re: WC7970 Workflow scanner setup - getting login failure

Put folder on root of C:\ drive, right-click and choose Properties

Select Sharing > Share and add the user account the printer will be using and change the dropdown for that account to Read/Write



Click Share > Done <If you want scans to go to the desktop, right-click the folder and select Send to > Desktop (Create shortcut) >


Now select Advanced Sharing > Permissions > Add and add the same account as above,< highlight the user and take note of the username format within the brackets, that is exactly how the login name will be entered in the printers scan setup>,then check the box for Full Control > Apply > OK > OK > Close






Then, to set up a template on the printer go to CWIS > Scan > Create New Template and fill it in





Things to note:

If the username in use does not have a password, I highly suggest making an account that does on the PC, Windows is fine when you don't have a password, but it is not typically fine when you are running a modified Linux (The printer) and accessing the Windows PC across a LAN connection as opposed to physically.

 If you don't know your PC's IP address, click on the start menu and type cmd and hit enter

In the new window type ipconfig and hit the enter key.

you need the ipv4 address in amongst all the shown data.





And if that doesn't work then update the firmware with the following 2 links and the attached pdf instructions







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Re: WC7970 Workflow scanner setup - getting login failure



Thank you for your quick response.  I will try the solution you provided when I am back to the office Friday.

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Re: WC7970 Workflow scanner setup - getting login failure

I followed your instructions and it worked.  Thank you for your help.