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Re: [WorkCentre 7845] Scan to a user's network folder

Hello Joe,

How do I do that? This is the configuration screen I see per contact:

Xerox Scan page setup.PNG

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Re: [WorkCentre 7845] Scan to a user's network folder

[ Edited ]

1. You covered any relevant data with exception to what appears to be a Document path starting with a \ so the only thing I see is something wrong already (Do not start anything with a \ or / ) And you are using a Hostname, and Connectkey printers can't do that unless registered on the domain (Must be DHCP) so it is very unlikely you can get it to work without starting over and using templates.


2. And the Prompt at interface is right here




But it appears you are also trying to do this with Scan To in the addressbook and not following anything at all in this thread you jumped into, so you won't have the option at all.

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