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Xerox 5775 SMB Workflow Scanning



I'm  an IT Engineer, and I have problem configuring Workflow Scanning on Xerox 5775 Work Center.


Error was : "Login Failure, Check User password, and/or setups "


I made an account on the Server and created a password for it and I Gave it Full Control on the server


in the server name, I put "server IP" , and in the user I put "scan" the user name on the server.


Please don't hesitate to ask me if you need more information about the setup.

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Re: Xerox 5775 SMB Workflow Scanning

1. You have to get the port right (It's 445, not 139, on any current OS)

2. You have to specify the actual folder that it goes into (Assuming SMB)

3. And you have to also format the username properly, which is simple to find on the share itself.



The username formatting is taken from here specifically





If it still fails after that is confirmed/done, you would need to update the firmware, which you can grab here


And if it still fails after that, you will probably need to give up on SMB and switch to FTP, because the 57XX MFP doesn't support SMB2 or SMB3.

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Re: Xerox 5775 SMB Workflow Scanning

alright, will try the adjustments and feed you back

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Re: Xerox 5775 SMB Workflow Scanning

[ Edited ]

Alright I found the problem, I had to put the user in " Access Control Assistance Operators" group in AD Users and Computers, and the 445 Port also solved the issue