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workcenter 7970 blurry scans.

We have the xst log turned on in order to track how the scan was created.   When everything goes correclty, we get a doc.xst as defined in the templates.  When we get a blurry scan, we get a scan.xst.   The scan.xst shows a scan of 72dpi.  Of cource, its going to be blurry.


Nowhere in any template or default is 72dpi set. Everything is set to 300dpi.


any ideas on where i look to solve this?

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Re: workcenter 7970 blurry scans.

It's a timing issue.


Go to the printer and select Workflow scanning, then watch the screen, about a second or 2 after it loads some things will change. If you initiate a scan before the screen changes, you will get some bad settings that are clearly not what the selected template has programmed, mostly because it hasn't found them yet.


This should not be a thing, but it is, it can be helped by updating to newer firmwares, but not eliminated, to eliminate it, make a selection, take 2 deep breaths and scan.



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