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workcentre 7530 SMTP and SSL/TLS

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Hi everyone,

is there someone can help me and show me how I do a connection with smtp server using SSL/TLS authentication on a workcentre 7530?


thanx in advance


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Re: workcentre 7530 SMTP and SSL/TLS

is there anybody?
nobody would help me, please?
thank u
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Re: workcentre 7530 SMTP and SSL/TLS

Hi Pam,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at these solutions I found on the support page for your machine and see if they will help you. 

 Configure SMTP Settings Using CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS)

Enable Secure HTTPS (SSL)

If these do not help, please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Re: workcentre 7530 SMTP and SSL/TLS

Hi CherylO-Xerox,
thank you for the suggestion but I've alredy done that and it isn't the solution what I'm looking for.

About my support centre, I've already called them and the answer that they given me is: "the machine hasn't any problem because in a standar configuration of smtp server (without authentication with ssl/tls) it work".

So, what do I do to correctly set the configuration of my multifunction printer to communicate with SMTP authenticated server with SSL/TLS (like google mail configuration)?

thank u
Xerox Employee
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Re: workcentre 7530 SMTP and SSL/TLS

Hi Pam,


you can have a look at the tips below.

If you want to have a loko at PDF version click here. Please note those are not official Xerox. I created them to help with my work.


1.   Enable Secure HTTPS

  1. Using CWIS navigate to Properties > Connectivity > Protocols > HTTP
  2. Make sure a Device Certificate is chosen. If you haven’t install a certificate select “Default Xerox Device Certificate”
  3. Enabled “Secure HTTPS”. The port number should be 443, unless you have different instructions from your IT.
  4. Refresh your browser. You will not access CWIS using HTTPS secure connection.
  5. If you are having problem with loading the page. Close your browser and re-open inserting the Xerox device IP address.

  6. Apply changes





2.   Configure communication protocols

Note: Make sure you confirm this settings with you IT department. Those might be influenced by other network configurations such as firewalls or routing rules.

1.      IP Settings

  1. Make sure the device IP address can communicate with the outside world and google email servers.
  2. Domain Name > Use a valid domain name. If not connection can be stopped.
  3. DNS Server > Make sure your DNS servers are able to resolve google hostnames. You can also use google DNS servers ( and as alternative DNS addresses.

2.      DNS Settings 3.      Apply changes




3.   Configure SMTP protocol

On CWIS, navigate to SMTP section configure as:

1.      Server Information

  1. Email Server Host Name and port > on port 465
  2. Configure the device email address. This address must be an existing mailbox. >
  3. Apply changes.


2.      SMTP authentication

  1. Select the System option in order for the device to use the inserted credentials be used.
  2. Complete the Login Name and Password information with a Gmail valid account, you can use the same used previously.
  3. Apply changes.



3.      Connection encryption

  1. Choose SSL/TLS


4.      File Size Management

  1. Leave his settings untouched, unless you have specific requirements for the message size.


5.      Test Configuration

  1. On some devices or firmware levels you will find the option to test the configuration.
  2. Insert your email address and test configuration.


4.   Other considerations

  • Be aware some Xerox devices are not compatible with SSL over SMTP option. This might have been added on a later firmware version. Please confirm on or contact Xerox services for more details.
  • Make sure that traffic is able to flow from your network to the public network
  • Take in consideration traffic limitation between both locations
  • Take in consideration any IP filtering
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Re: workcentre 7530 SMTP and SSL/TLS

Hi RuiC-Xerox,

thank you for your very usefull step-by-step instructions.

But when I've tryed to do it I verified that the option SSL/TLS in SMTP server configuration doesn't exists.
So I've verified if there was a newest firmware... and there was.
I've done upgrade to and after I've done it, the option SSL/TLS in smtp server configuration was.

I followed your step-by-step instructions and now it works well.


Thank you for your usefull help.