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Generate JDF or XML once Status at printer has turned to Completed


Just wondering how I can scan a job off on our system once printed and  the 'Job ID/Status at Printer' has turned from Held to Completed, is there any way I can generate a XML or JDF once this turns to completed via FreeFlow Core.


Thanks in advance 


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Re: Generate JDF or XML once Status at printer has turned to Completed

There's no way to generate and XML or JDF.


However, you can get a JMF status signal from FFCore. JMF status signals can be enabled for all jobs in the system regardless of job submission mechanism (e.g. JMF signals can be sent for jobs submitted via the UI).


The short answer (assuming you are submitting via JMF).

  • Submit job via JMF SubmitQE command
  • The response will have a QueueEntryID with the FFCore job ID
  • FFCore will send JMF status signals as the job status changes
  • FFCore will send a specialized status signal letting you know which Printer Destination was used to print the job. This will include the Job ID from the DFE
  • When the job reaches a terminal state FFCore will return status signals with both the FFCore and the DFE statuses

I would suggest registering for the FFCore SDK (no charge unless you want support) which will give you access to commented sample files showing the above (and plenty more):