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Hot Folders

I just started using the Core trial, had a very nice webex with todd and kelly this morning.


I cannot seem to locate the hot folders. i am looking to create a hot folder then share it so my collegues can test it out.

FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
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Re: Hot Folders

You can share the hot folders using the folder sharing functionality in Windows.


The hot folders location you define in the UI are stored in the following location in the server:

C:\Xerox\FreeFlow\Core\00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000\Data\Hot Folders


If you log into the FFCore server desktop and share the Hot Folders folder other people will be able to see all the hot folders you define in FFCore.

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Re: Hot Folders

I had a follow up to this question.


When using the "MAX" feature, and you tell the csv to grab a file from a certain folder, without having to share the folder location with "Everyone" is there a service account that is used by Core that we can add to share group? Sorry still somewhat new to this so if that doesnt make sense let me know.


Thanks for all your help.

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Re: Hot Folders

The FreeFlowCore Installation Guide documents how to set the Services up t o run under a service account in the "Optional Installation Procedures" section.  You would then grant permission to the necessary folders to that Service account.