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JMF Status Query works for all jobs but not for specific job

Another little JMF issue this afternoon 


I'm trying to query submitted jobs via JMF to get their status. This works perfectly when using either a Query of type QueueStatus (with or without filters) and when using a Query of type Status but without specifying a QueueEntryID in the StatusQuParams node (thereby getting all jobs in one go).


When I submit a Query type="Status" and specify one QueueEntryID, Freeflow Core returns an XML parser error. To be clear, the JMF message is EXACTLY the same in both messages other than the QueueEntryID attribute being set in StatusQuParams. What's that about?


Again, any help would be much appreciated. The JMF message I'm sending which is failing is identical to the example in the SDK, except obviously the ID was changed to one that exists in my queue.