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Job Name is not honoured after a Join Node

I'm having trouble getting my files onto the press with the desired job name. I'm submitting them to Core via JDF and using <CustomerInfo CustomerJobName="name" /> to name the job goup, but I'm submitting multiple files at a time and joining them, at which point I lose the job name and Core uses the name of the first file... I can get around this when saving an output file (by using a variable from JDF to name the output file (BTW, using the groupname variable does not work for me in this case, I'm accessing the OrderID variable instead as it just happens to have the same value as the one I need), but I don't even have this option in a print node. Is there a way to control the output job name when submitting directly to the press?


I really need to be able to do this or nobody will have any idea what it is they're printing!


The only workaround I can think of so far is to use a save node into another Core hot-folder and then submit to the printer from that hot folder workflow, but its another clunky workaround and I don't really want to have to do it that way... Obviously I could setup hot folders on the press too, but I want the option of being able to submit jobs to Core overnight and the printer's not always going to be on