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PDF conversion in Freeflow Core

In Process manager there was a Node called "Convert". We used this node to convert PDF files into "Standard" PDF files and there was also a checkbox called "Flatten submitted PDF files for printing". When this box is checked the new file that was produced would be significantly smaller in size. Example 356K file would be reduced to 92K without losing much at all.

In the new Freeflow Core this Conversion Node is not there. How can I get this file reduction in Freeflow Core. I have tried all possibilites in the Optimize node with no success.

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Re: PDF conversion in Freeflow Core


It sounds strange. I have a very simple workflow which creates bleed. Without Optimize node created files were huge (f.e. business card 7 MB). Then I add Optimize node with just a few changes added. Size of saved files reduces 10 times!


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Piotr Miller
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Re: PDF conversion in Freeflow Core

I have attached a screen shot of the sertting in the convert node in process manager that reduces the files significantly. You loose all your bookmarks if any but thats ok for us. It is the setting that is checked off "Flatten submitted files for printing". This brings a 1.5 meg black only PDF file from 1.5 meg to 170k. I have tried every setting in optimize and can only get from 1.5 meg to just under 1 meg which isnt enough for our use.

We are really desperate to find a solution to this within Freeflow Core.



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Re: PDF conversion in Freeflow Core

There are many things that could reduze the file size. Usually images take up most space of the file size but sometimes it could be X Objects or Metadata. In Acrobat you can choose File/Save as Other/Optimize PDF... to see what is taking up space in your file.


I have seen files where the Document Overhead is 99% of the file size.


In this case the attached Preflight Profile will help. In my case I had a black and white file which was 146 MB and after running the Fix it was 327 KB.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 19.17.56.png

Import the attached Preflight profile in FF Core using the Preflight component. The fix is not doing any downsampling or anything else. To do that you just have to add that to your Preflight profile in Acrobat first. I often use more fixups to clean the files before print like this:

More Optimise

I hope this helps. Otherwise you might send the file to me and I could check it for you.



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Re: PDF conversion in Freeflow Core

still only brought the file down to over 900K. The process manager process brings the 1.55 meg file down to 187k.

let me know how I can send the file to you and I will send it so you can have a look. 

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Re: PDF conversion in Freeflow Core




Try this...


Add an Optimize to bring down the size. I used these settings:






Then add a Preflight and upload the attached kfp. It only subset the fonts. The sample PDF file I got from Per was reduced from 1,5 MB to 183 KB.





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Re: PDF conversion in Freeflow Core

This solution appears to work.

Thank you