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Printing 2 Copies of the File on Different Paper Stock

I have two print nodes setup in my workflow to print one copy of the file on high quality stock, whereas the second copy prints on regular stock.  When submitting files through this workflow, it does generate a second copy of the file, however both print on the high quality stock.  How can I print two copies of the same file on different stock within my workflow?

FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
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Re: Printing 2 Copies of the File on Different Paper Stock

You should be able to define two Printer Destinations that point to the same DFE / queue. Each should have a different stock configured in the Job Ticketing defaults.


As long as the job is submitted without a print ticket, the Printer Destination ticketing should be used. The second printer destination should ignore any ticketing that came from the first printer destination.

If that's not happening please escalate to the hotline.