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Reodering splitted pages


I have a problem that I just can´t resolve myself. We have a customer with manuals containing A4 ja A3 pages, black/white and color pages. What we´d like to do, is to split A4 and A3 pages, impose them and join them in the orginal order. After this we are using color split, so it´s crucial, that the joined pdf has the pages in right (original) order before color split. 

How can I reorder splitted pages to get this right?

FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
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Re: Reodering splitted pages

There is no automated way of accomplishing what you are after. If you know the page/sheet sequencing you can accomplish what you are after by duplicating (via split) the joined job and then deleting different portions of the job and then puting the fragments back together using Join. Note for Split Jobs: When splitting a job, the resultant jobs are sequenced based on the order of the Rules table in the Split component. See example attachments -- the workflow is from FFCore The zip file is an ffc.

Posts: 15
Registered: ‎12-22-2015

Re: Reodering splitted pages

Thanks David!


But sorry to say this doesn´t solve this particular problem. We can´t say, where the A3 pages lie in the document beforehand, this can change from document to document.

It´s a tricky one, I know... Have to think other possibilities (i.e Enfocus Switch) for this...


But thanks anyway, and Sunny days for You!


Sami from Finland

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Re: Reodering splitted pages

Depending on imposition you wish to do, we can set the imposition template to "pass through" so you might not need to split the document to start with. Alternatively you can split every page out, then check for the size and impose accoringly and join everything back together.