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password protected files

I am running into an issue with password protected PDF documents.


Any doc that is written in house by our technical publications team is password protected such as training manuals, operation guides, maintenance books ect.


When i try to submit any of those documents through core a get a status message that states : "The document is encrypted or password protected and cannot be processed".


Is there a solution for this? Due to the competition sensitive materials removing protection is not an option.

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Re: password protected files

The FFCore workflows cannot process unencrypted files thorugh the workflow.


As such, the file must be decrypted before it can be accessed through the workflow.

You can automate the decryption via the Scripting options in the Hot Folder.


First you will need to write a CLI script that will decrypt the file. There are a number of PDF utilities that can perform decryption from the CLI.

Once you have the script working, you can configure the hot folder to execute the script on all files. This is done before the file is submitted to the workflow so it should allow submission of encrypted files to FFCore.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 3.55.11 PM.png


The $FFin$ variable is the file that's dropped into the hot folder

The $FFout$ is the location for script output (any valid job file - in this case the decrypted PDF)

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Re: password protected files

Thanks for the reply.


I dont think thats an option for us unfortunately. It would work for some files however due to the nature of some of our contracts and proposals it would not.

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Re: password protected files

[ Edited ]

I am also running into this. Is there anyway to route the failure. The Status of the job is failed not a preflight result therfore I can not find a way to route this failure. If I create a Preflight Profile to error the job on Encyption I get an internal error from core.


Anyone know of a way to route a failure to a external node?