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Configure Device Based Accounting in Centreware Web

I am configuring the Site Administrator e-mail and I am unable to use the format <username>@<domain>.<extension> where the extension=5 letters. i.e.administrator@glc.local. I can however use a 4-letter extension suca as administrator@glc.loca.


The attached file has screen shots of the unaccepted format--with error message--and the accepted formatsPlease send recomendations for resolution. 

Analyst Nation Moderator
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Re: Configure Device Based Accounting in Centreware Web

I don't think .local was ever accepted, even back in 5.2.42 your exact scenario occurs, as seen here




So you would need to call Xerox official to either do a Spar (Fix if it's broken) or a FER (Feature enhancement request- to get 5 extensions supported)


If you call Xerox, feel free to give them the link to this, they won't stumble on to it since this is a peer to peer forum, Xerox Support doesn't use it (I'm an exception as I am here unofficially)

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