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Accepted Solution

Error message


The following message appeared on the ColoCube 8580DN printer when I pressed the button to shut it off

Printer Error: 92,607,00:395.

The printer did not encounter any problems during (re)-start up and printed from Word normally.

Is this error massage something I should worry about? Shall I contact the Tech Support or I ignore it?

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Error message

Ignore it and hope.


Problem:92.607Cause:Machine has a fault of 92,607.00 (Wave Amp thermistor is 
open). Replaced wave amp and cables

The 395 in your code is not needed, it is the page count on the printer when the error happened, not part of the error. I have no idea where you would get the part, or how to replace it, you would need a service manual to do it, and to get the part number to start finding it.

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