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Network Controller grayed out - error 127-212

Hi. I recently got a Xerox 700 (EXP700). If I go to the Xerox and try to check on the IP through Network Controller, it is greyed out so it seems there is some kind of connection issue. Any ideas? I am logged in as Administrator. Error code on the screen is 127-212. Cannot find anything on that.

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Re: Network Controller grayed out - error 127-212

The fault code and the symptom (greyed out) both indicate that the Fiery/Freeflow is not connected/on.


So reboot the  Fiery/Freeflow (If it is a bustled Fiery, hold down the green light that is about the size of a Pencil eraser until it goes off, then do so again unitil it comes back on, then go have a smoke/beer/coffee because it will be at minimum 6 minutes before it comes online again)


Once it comes online (assuming it does) you will regain the 2 greyed out icons on the All Services screen, which are Web Applications and Network Scanning and then you go on with your day.


If it doesn't come back, reverse the SCSI cable and disconnect the scan cable then reboot the copier and then the Fiery/Freeflow (again)


If it doesn't come back then, the Fiery/Freeflow needs to be reloaded or a hardware failure in it has occurred.

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Posts: 3
Registered: ‎10-07-2017

Re: Network Controller grayed out - error 127-212

Thanks, I will try it either this evening or tomorrow evening when I am out there again. It is at a different location. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for your reply.