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Problem with Xerox wi-fi adapter 497K16750 on Guess mode not responding

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Hi Xerox moderators.

I need to submit one issue we discover with some of our customers.


The new Wi-Fi dongle #497K16750  101K 72680-6C6; tested with 3 differnts adapter on VersaLink C405 (3 differnts units) has the samle problem.

When the adapter are connected on a Guess or Open environement, we can't ping, access the Website Configurator or discover the printer over the network. Tested with 3 differents environement, samething. I also reproduce the samething in our lab.

With Advance Port Scanner; we clearly seen the same IP address from the status: the IP are there, but the connection show has disconnected. Into the C405 itself, it show "Connected" and connection has "Good" signal strengh. It's not related to Router of network environnement.


All C405 are updated to latest firmware.


Can we report the case to head developper from Xerox?


For now, we need to configure on Secured Wi-Fi access point.




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Re: Problem with Xerox wi-fi adapter 497K16750 on Guess mode not responding

This is a peer to peer forum, Xerox Support does not officially view it.


You would need to call it in if you think there is a Xerox issue, but.....

 I am 95% certain that (Assuming Guess = Guest) it is intentional and Xerox has nothing at all to do with it, the Router/LAN does, In human terms, let's say you are kind enough to let the shoppers in your store, or patrons in your restaurant to use your free Wi-Fi (Guest Network) you don't want them to see or use your printer or have access to your LAN storage and PC's, which is exactly the type of reason the Guest Networks exist.


But don't take my word for it, but take note of the first point in Linksys's article on their Guest network setup


Linksys Guest Network defined

1.  What is a Guest network?

The Guest network is a feature of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi, Linksys Wi-Fi Routers, and the Linksys X-series Gateways that creates a separate network for guests.  This secured network provides Internet access to guests' wireless devices.  The Guest network SSID is the same as the 2.4 or 5 GHz Wireless Network Name (SSID), followed by a -Guest suffix.  It is a totally different network with a different password from the network.  This means devices connected to the Guest network will NOT be able to share files and printers connected to the main network.



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Registered: ‎03-22-2017

Re: Problem with Xerox wi-fi adapter 497K16750 on Guess mode not responding

We we're assuming the same. I also seen some disconnection with the Wi-Fi private WPA2 connections. Another issue we discover. We will more investigate on this.