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Question about printing on Xerox 7830



Im a new here. I will try to explain what kind of problem do I have

When I'm printing on Xerox 7830 (it's the local printer)... many users are connected to this printer and can print.

The question is how do I disable the function that before every document I print from my computer it's printing (wasting) paper with the information such as:

*who printed it

*what was the name of document the user printed

*date and time

and at the bottom of paper logo of XEROX


The thing is:

If I open 10 documents (each one consist of 1 page) and will print them.. it will print 20 documents...


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Question about printing on Xerox 7830

CWIS > Properties > Services > Printing > General


Set these 2 No



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Re: Question about printing on Xerox 7830

Thanks for the solution.