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Silent / Unattended install of the Xerox GPD PCL6 Driver on Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 (x64).

Hi Xerox Community people,


For a customer I am working on a "task sequence" powershell script to create a golden/master image for Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 (x64) in their new VDI environment.

When it comes to printing the customer has a Xerox WorkCentre 7835 that is used for "Follow Me" printing in their domain.


I found an installer/setup file for the Xerox Global Printer Driver PCL6 (x64) which will be used in the golden/master image.

Only the installer can be partially setup silently/unattend. It popups a "add printer wizard window". I am now in doubt if the driver is correctly (fully) installed if this wizard is skipped, because the printer will be mapped by VMware User Environment Manager (UEM).


Do you guys/girls know if there is a setup/installer which can be used to install the Xerox Global Printer Driver PCL6 (x64/x86) without any interaction and the add printer wizard?

When I use the exported Xerox folder (C:\Xerox) I see an *.inf file which can be installed by pnputil -i -a, but it looks like it is missing some parts. When a user try to connect to the printer an error messages appears while adding the printer, during the "downloading driver" fase, which a user is not allowed to (no local admin permissions).


Hope some of you can help me out.


Thank you in advance.



Kind regards,