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versant 2100 - fault code: 47-312

question about the fault code, 47-312, it happen againi and again, we did call xerox service and it fixed, less than a week, it happen again.

does anyone know what's wrong?




versant 47-312.png

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Re: versant 2100 - fault code: 47-312

It's a finisher fault:

I can't get you into Diagnostics since it is proprietary to Xerox, but here is the gist of the fault

The most common causes are a stuck hole punch unit or faulty Decurler assembly,
but can also be caused by faulty interlock switches. Check Hole puch waste tray
for over-filling, and make sure all parts work in diagnostics. Check that
Decurler rolls turn freely and the bearings of same do not have excessive wear.
Try each interlock in turn by cheating and test for continuity with a meter.

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Re: versant 2100 - fault code: 47-312

The Tech. guy told me the power cord problem, I checked the cord, it is 100% connected, I also check the fuser box, turn off/on the fuser, it work again. I guess it is fuse problem.