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COlorqube 8570 error code 93,597.00:5782

for our 8570 has somtime 93,597.00 :5782 , and will have to always reboot.

sometime after 6-8 reboot will work back.

sometime must for 1-2 hours.


somebody can help us , what is meaning for this error code?


8580 will much better . about 3-5 days only one time reboot.





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Re: COlorqube 8570 error code 93,597.00:5782

Fault Code 93,597: An over range level sense error occurred in the Black Printhead reservoir.


Check for improperly installed ink stick

Power off for 30 minutes (unplugged)

Check if a leak internally allowed cross contamination (black in the magenta for example, this sort of thing almost always occurs if someone moves the printer without having it powered down and unplugged for at least 30 minutes)


Print head may need to be replaced.


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