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Registered: ‎06-30-2017

ColorQube 9303 stuck at green screen

Hello, I have tried to update my firmware to 0.72 Connect key, update failed. Now my machine wont boot, nor launch altboot. USB LED is blinking but then black screen appears and then Again green screen. 

Analyst Nation Moderator
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Re: ColorQube 9303 stuck at green screen

If you can't do an Altboot then the machine is actually broken, not corrupt, you would need the tech.


The Altboot can't fail to launch if the USB stick is formatted correctly (FAT32) and the folder structure is right, and the bin file is in it, it will launch even if there is no HDD in the printer (Obviously it will then fail, but it will still start/launch)


If the altboot would launch and fail, you could simply add the DISABLE_DATA_BACKUP and FORCED_UPGRADE options, but since it doesn't even launch they won't be read either.

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