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Docucolor 242

Good Afternoon. I have a part that I need to replace on my Docucolor 242 Digital Printer. Problem is, I don't know what the part is, apologies in advance for my lack of knowledge. I included two photos. Here's a brief description. I had to replace a color drum. When I pulled out the color drum on the right side, the part that permanently stays in the drawer right next to the drum has a rubber part or a brush type part that looks like it was damaged. It looks like something that maybe gets worn. Thank you in advance, the photo I posted shows the drawer with the color drum out, that photo is of the part still in the drawer and the damaged area on that part.


Thank you.


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Re: Docucolor 242



The part what have you searching for is developer housing p.n.604K24226, and you need a fresh developer material, depends on colour 604K18020 Yellow, 604K17990 Magenta, 604K17960 Cyan. 

Off course you need a tech to replace them.


Good luck!

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Re: Docucolor 242

Thank you!

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Re: Docucolor 242

You may want to put a new drum in after the housing is replaced as it is probably rubbing against it and scratching it.