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Imaging unit and transfer belt on Phaser 6500

Yesterday I got an alert that says "ImagingUnit Life" "Replace Soon." This happened after a piece of Avery label peeled off and got wrapped around the black roller, which I noticed after a couple more sheets went through and had black all over them. I got the sticky stuff off the roller as much as I could, but not before it caused a dent in the transfer belt. This photo shows how it looks after I cleaned it with alcohol:


Imaging Unit damage1.jpg


So my question is: Are the marks I'm seeing on my pages caused by the imaging unit damage or are they caused by the dent in the belt? Or both? In other words, should I even try to salvage this printer at all? 


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Imaging unit and transfer belt on Phaser 6500

Marks would be caused by either/both, most likely, you would get twice as many defects in the print because the 2 defects won't line up identical on the page in reality.


Time to balance cost-to-fix vs cost-to-replace.

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