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Invalid Toner Cartridge error Workcentre 3615



We've had a Xerox Workcentre 3615 for about 15 months.  We replaced the original toner with a compatible one and didn't have any issues.  That one just finished and bought another compatible replacement from the same company.  Came up with the "Invalid toner Cartridge" error.  The company sent another and same error.  I bought one off another company and same issue.  They sent me a replacement chip and same issue.  The first company sent me a 3rd one (one of their 'premium' toners) and same issue.  (so that's FIVE toners that didn't work at this point).


Called Xerox and bought an original.  Put that one in and SAME ERROR!  The support desk at Xerox told me that he hasn't heard of an issue like that and "he's looking into it".  That was 2 days ago. 


Any suggestions?  There must be some way to reset the machine or something.  There doesn't seem to be much information online.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Invalid Toner Cartridge error Workcentre 3615

There is a way to reset it, but it is not free, especially when the cause appears to be a faulted 3rd party chip.

And since you were using a 3rd party supply chain, I'd hazard to guess you have no maintenance agreement, which means you would have to pay Xerox to send a tech at an hourly rate, and use their tool to reset the machine to a neutral state in order to let it be re-programmed for a new toner set (metered vs sold)


Some of the smaller printers can be reset with a code, typically you need to call Xerox Support to get one, I *think* they charge about $25US for it, they will need your Serial number and your total impressions from the device to generate the code. The code can only be used once.


If you are lucky, the 3615 will be scenario 2 (code fixed)

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Re: Invalid Toner Cartridge error Workcentre 3615

Thanks for the information.  Really appreciated.  Yes, it looks like you're 100% correct.  I told the Xerox support guys your analysis and finally got someone that understood & confirmed the issue (48 min on the phone....).  They're going to have to send out a technician to factory reset the machine.  Charge $209 for the first 30 min and $52 per 15 min thereafter.  And I thought I was only getting screw** by their expensive toners!  But at this point - weeks without a working machine, and just an expensive paperweight sitting there - it's worth every cent.


Thanks again!



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Re: Invalid Toner Cartridge error Workcentre 3615

We purchased a 3615 Workcentre from Amazon over a year ago.   We've been 'feeding' it the normal capacity Xerox toner cartridges since then, no issues.   Being that the last one ran empty in about a month, I ordered the high capacity Xerox cartridge, 106R02722 from Amazon.    It arrived but gave me an error 093-926.   The screen asked to 'reseat' the cartridge. . .which I did about 30 times.    I even put the empty one back in , and error message said it was empty.   Reinstalled new cartridge, same error.   I called the supplier and explained the problem, he agreed to send another one, which I just received today.    This one also errors out, same exact problem.   I've googled this error, and it's saying that the maching needs to be reset. by a service technicial.   This is hog-wash.    There is no way this is a service call, and I will NEVER purchase a Xerox prodect again if this can't be taken care of correctly and timely.   I'll await Xerox's reply, and expect this to be taken care of soon.   My department is down, thankfully we have another copier in the building.   I look forward to getting this resolved.