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Registered: ‎07-31-2012

Phaser 4600 Toner Supply Error



I have a Phaser 4600, and for the past month I have been experiencing an annoying issue:


When my toner goes under 20% I begin to get "toner supply errors" which are remedied by opening the machine, pulling the toner cartridge out, and putting it back in. Then it will go back to printing anywhere between 1 and 20 more pages before it happens again. This continues until the toner is drained, but it is a time-consuming process. 


Any advice appreciated . . .



Jeff T.

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Re: Phaser 4600 Toner Supply Error



I do not think you can do more than just gently shake the toner, the problem is how the toner is distributed in the cartridge.





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Registered: ‎07-31-2012

Re: Phaser 4600 Toner Supply Error

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Yeah, this is what I am doing. More vigorous sahking for one cartridge resulted in a toner disaster, ruining several hundred printed sheets. I tip them back and forth to get the toner moving and then re-insert, and the results are varying: sometimes I get 20 or even 30 more pages printed before it happens again, other times I get one page and then the error is back. It can be really annoying. I don't undertand why this never happened with my first 7 or 8 cartridges, but now it is happening with every cartridge. Thanks for the reply!

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Re: Phaser 4600 Toner Supply Error

Same error message here! This 4600 is a tank, but I've had so many issues lately! This is the latest. Any help??