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Re: WorkCentre 3025 NOT booting up

Same problem happened with me:

1- New purchased printer (WorkCentre 3025)

2- upgraded to Firmware v3.50.01.10

3- same problem: stuck at "system initialize" after restart or long sleep period.


What i found that when i removed the power cord from the printer (not from wall plug...from the printer !!!) for 5-10min it pass "system initialize" and becaome working again!!


I think it is a firmware problem.

Also i do not like when paper empty and you must open the door and close it again after filling papers...pressing a button can do this...also it is a firmware.

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Re: WorkCentre 3025 NOT booting up

I have a question for you: did you totally resolve problem or you have to every time when you start your machine to removing power cord from machine?