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C60 Folding

I have a handout that is 11x17 full bleed trimmed down to 8.5x11. I would like to use the printer to fold them once I have trimmed them, but I haven't been able to figure out how to send it through the preprinted feeder without it also printing a duplicate that isn't needed. Is it possible to just have it fold one page without printing any more? I don't have a fiery station

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Re: C60 Folding

Xerox won't allow the folder without something going through the fuser (click charge).


Only way to do it at all is to print a blank, and insert the pages later.


So if you want to fold 20 sheets, send a one page blank job and have it use 20 pages inserted after the one page.


You will get 21 pages folded, of course you are out of luck if you want a staple, the blank would get stapled to the rest, but for the fold, it's alright.




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Re: C60 Folding

Thanks for the quick response! That's what I was afraid of, it's not super efficient method, but thanks!