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Colour issues on C75 when printing.

Hi there guys,

over the past month or so we've realise that our printer is now printing colours (perhaps black and whote too, but we print  mosltly colour) that images comes out various shades


Say for example, business cards 25 up. The bottom row dark the top dark the 2nd line light the 3rd correct colour 

and so forth

Somethimes it's not varied heavily but it's out there enough one can see

Can someone assist me with this issue


Also color calibration trying to wonder how come when i start this half way through the machine tells me it can't pick up the algn, like keep telling me to align the paper on the screen and I'm sure I'm doing it correctly

But maybe not.. so if i can some assitance with this to will be great. 



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Re: Colour issues on C75 when printing.

Anything that affects all color has to be common to all colors, So you can ignore drums and toners in this case.

That leaves the fuser and the BTR assembly.


So pull out the fuser and have a look at the heat roller, anything with a fuser is usually visible to the naked eye.

The BTR assembly is more difficult


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Posts: 11
Registered: ‎05-05-2017

Re: Colour issues on C75 when printing.

thanks much Joe,

Well we just got the fuser in December and it's at 70% or there about remaining. 

I'll have to look at the BTR and see if I can see any visible damage or anything that might look "off"

thanks for your assistance

I'm attaching a photo that we took so you can get an idea of what it is doing

The shaded green colour supposed to be at least a solid light blue green colour