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Free flow staple in groups

Lets say i had a 6000 page document (a file) but wanted to staple every 6 pages. Is there a way to do that in freeflow? i saw nothing that stood out to me.


Than you

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Re: Free flow staple in groups

Assuming Freeflow Print server and guessing the Solaris version you would be looking for Pad printing > Subset Finishing


If you have it in your FFPS , you would find it in the job settings via right-click Properties > Output > Subset Options.


Using your example you would want to turn on  User defined Subsets from the dropdown, and 6 pages per subset Finishing checked. <Finishing won't be available if you have not enabled stapling first>


Here it is in FFPS 9SP3




I don't currently have access to the newer Windows based FFPS for the C60 or iGen, if you have one of those and can't find it let me know and I will find one to capture it from.

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Re: Free flow staple in groups

You nailed it on the head! you saved our HR dept hours of sorting and stapling by hand. Thanks