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Accepted Solution

Freeflow Make Ready

DocUSP, Win2000.

Importing cropped images from Acrobat Pro 9.

PDF files


example- picture of Fire Department logo has extraneous/unwanted images. Image is cropped and imported into program, upon viewing image is same as if not cropped


After cropping images in Acrobat Pro 9 and importing into FFMR the images are not cropped and with the limitations within FFMR how do we stop this from happening?

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Re: Freeflow Make Ready

The crop functionality in Acrobat resizes the selected PDF box. It does not actually crop the page. I would suggest you "crop" in Acrobat and then export the file as either a TIFF or JPEG. The exported file will be cropped. You can then place the cropped TIFF or JPEG in MakeReady.

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Re: Freeflow Make Ready


Thank you Javier.