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Registered: ‎11-13-2017

PHaser 7500 Solid line only going through Magenta and Black



I am working on a Phaser 7500 and currently it prints fine on all of the colors except for Magenta and Black. On the magenta when looking at the page in landcape there is a white line that goes across the top part of the page about an inch or two from the top. The same thing occurs with the black, however the black is a thinner line and occurs slightly closer to the top. I have replaced all of the imaging units as well as the fuser. I also have cleaned the LED head assemblies as well with the pull tabs as indicated by the instructions on the support site.


This is stumping me, because i have replaced just about every part i can think of that would cause this.


Can i get any insights?


Also i can provide pictures if needed as well when i print the solid color pages (it's where it shows up the clearest)