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Phaser 6000 stuck toner cartridge

Hi, I have a Phaser 6000, manufactured in 2012, about 2400 pages printed. I'm trying to replace an empty colour cartridge, I did it a few times in the past with no problems, but the old empty cartridge won't come out. The black comes out, but the yellow, cyan and magenta won't. They come loose, but then they're stuck half-way out.
I've tried to turn the printer off, plugged in, unplugged...those yellow, cyan and magenta cartridges won't come out.
Printer works normally, although in B/W only, with no errors on display, except empty yellow cartridge - which is correct, but I can't do it !
Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Phaser 6000 stuck toner cartridge


So when the Release Lever on the toner cartridge is pressed upward, the cartridge does not completely release from the machine? There are 2 plungers in the machine that fit into the toner cartridges. The one on top has a spring that might be catching on the toner cartridge. Try wiggling up and down on the cartridge as you try to pull the cartridge out. If the toners cannot be removed using this method, the machine might need to be serviced by a qualifed technician.


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Re: Phaser 6000 stuck toner cartridge

Hi, Terry, thanks for your prompt and helpful reply.

Yes, when the Release Lever all the three colour cartridges do not completely release from the machine - the black cartridge only comes out with no problem.I wiggled up and down on the yellow cartridge, which was empty. I heard a "clack" (well, maybe a small "crack"... I started gently, then I become a bit nervous and more rude) and the cartridge came out, with a half of the hollow plunger on bottom stuck on the cartridge cylinder. I put the plunger piece back, it seems damaged as a small plastic part is broken, but still capable to stay in position. Now I have the new yellow cartridge and the machine working correctly, while cyan and magenta are still stuck as before and "nearly empty", so in a next future I will have the same problem to replace them.

Now I wonder: is there a way to disengage the Lower Plungers (without damaging them)?

Thanks if you can further help, you would save an old glorious printer, as it seems that is would be unconvenient to have it repaired by a technician!

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Re: Phaser 6000 stuck toner cartridge

Hi, I finally solved.

the problem demonstrates how sometimes reality is beyond immagination: all three cartridge were stuck on the lower hollow plunger of the machine because an insulating tape band was jammed in correspondance of the cartridges toner exit on the cylinder that fits into the plunger.

Some times ago I had these open cartridges as extra parts and kept them apart after sealing them with white insulating tape. Someone else inserted the cartridges, and for three times the insulating tape was not noticed and not removed.

In these unlikely conditions the printer, incredibly enough, was able to work with no errors and correct output, but the tape and some toner made wicked pastries inside the plungers, which made a heroic resistance when we tried to extract the cartridges.

At the end I get rid of this mess, cleaned everything and had my beautiful phaser 6000 still working.

Thanks to Terry who give me his technical support, although he could not reasonably find the real, absurd, nature of the problem!