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VCP New Member
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Phaser 7750 Repeating Fuser Jams

We're experiencing a repeated paper jams at the fuser of our Xerox Phaser 7750. The trailing edge of the paper folds up like an accordion near the top of the fuser unit. The Xerox "Supplies" utility reports the fuser unit useage at only about 15-20%. Any comments or suggestions regarding the cause and or remedy would be much appreciated.

Xerox Analyst
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Re: Phaser 7750 Repeating Fuser Jams

Have you set the paper type to the correct type? An incorrect setting can cause toner to bulld up in the fuser that the paper "sticks" to on subsequent prints. Setting the media type correctyl assures that the correct amount of heat is used to fuse the toner to the paper without leaving a buildup in the fuser.

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Re: Phaser 7750 Repeating Fuser Jams

I have the same problem. What's the cure if the paper is set correctly and the jam at the fuser unit persists? Replace transfer roller? I have a new fuser unit installed.

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Re: Phaser 7750 Repeating Fuser Jams

I have this problem too.  I have replaced the lower paper feed unit, the fuser, everything that I can think of.   Is there some basic cleaning of rollers that I can do?  The bottom corner of the paper folds over and it seems that is what is causing it to jam and be crooked in the feed.  It usually only happens when doing duplex printing.


I am using plain paper, the printer is set for the proper paper but I am plagued by chronic jamming (about once per 50 pages).