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Phaser 7750dn imaging problems

Hello again, I was hoping someone could point me in the correct direction here.

My Phaser 7750dn, has had a lot of work lately,

Refurbished image and process controller boards 

New frame with the controller board

New Developer for the yellow.

new imaging units on Yellow and Magenta.

New Fuser

New toner cartridges on all.

I'm out of ideas, I have no repeating defects, smears or lines, the printer always prints fine from any PC, but when my atr dept uses their Mac with 10.8.5 OS and latest Xerox Driver for Mac 2.0.14 it is a hit or miss as to whether or not it will give a clean print, they either start to print clean and normal then it fades away on the next image, sometimes it fades on a omage after it started ok, other times it just prints faded images. I'll try to attach an image of about 4 differect prints maybe someone will have an answer for me. Thank you.Phaser images.jpg

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Re: Phaser 7750dn imaging problems

Since PC works and Mac doesn't, you are only troubleshooting the driver or the port.


Uninstall the printer and install it again, but do so manually using an HP Jet Direct port (This is the same as a Windows RAW port)

If that fails you would need to install either a newer or older driver, though I am not sure where to obtain either since it is no longer developed for and Apple doesn't distribute for it anymore either.


You could try this older Xerox Universal, it may list the 7750.

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Registered: ‎12-16-2014

Re: Phaser 7750dn imaging problems

I try manually adding in her printer using IP, gasteway Subnet and port numbers. It still didn't work. My understanding is that with OS X10.6 (Smow Leopard) she was using Driver version 2.0.13, Now witht he newer OSX 10.8.5 she is using driver version 2.0.14. With her OS X 10.6, was she still accessing "Classic"? and now she can't? Is it possible to roll her back to the older Print driver that was working? are there options anywhere in her MAC to set a compatibility Mode?

When I first changed over or OS X to 10.8.5 everything worked fine, but when I had the printer go down and had to buy refurbished boards (Imaging and formatter board, and then the electrial chassis, this started happening, but as I think a Isaid before ALL of the Windows machines are running perfect print jobs with this printer, it's only the MAC that's having the problem. Thanks again for any insight.



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Registered: ‎12-16-2014

Re: Phaser 7750dn imaging problems

Hopefully someone here can answer this question, I've been asking all over but nobody seems to know, so here goes: Since the drivers don't seem to be the problem and the Mac was printing fine before the printer went down, could the problem be in either the refurbished controller board or the refurbished Imaging board? thanks for any input.