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Printing from Tray 5, 6, 7 issue Xerox 700

I own a Xerox 700 Digital color press, now i have an issue trying to print from tray 5, 6 and 7. it has an embarqued Fiery.

When i select to print from Tray 1, 2 or 3, then it's OK.

When i Select to print from 5, 6 or 7 it says "Tray 1 is Empty" or if its loaded with paper it prints from tray 1 which doesnt support 300gsm paper

Anyone knows where the problem come from?


Best regards

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Re: Printing from Tray 5, 6, 7 issue Xerox 700

Driver incompatibility


Take the IP of the Fiery and put it in the address bar of your web browser to load Fiery Webtools.

Go to the Downloads tab and grab the Printer Files for your OS.


Install that driver via an LPR port, queue name is either print or hold (Lower case, depends on the action you want the job to do)

LPR Byte counting and SNMP are both not checked.


Also, make sure this applies to all applications and not just Word, or Acrobat/Reader, because they can over ride the driver too, if it is a specific app, name it and I will tell you what to change app side.


Or, try to set the options in Command Workstation since that will eliminate the PC, the driver, and the application.

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