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Reset Admin password on a Phaser 8560

We recently had a Phaser 8560 printer replaced in a school I work at.  I was able to set the IP address at the front panel, but when I tried to make changes remotely via the web interface I found it has an admin password set.  To reset this password, do I have to reset the NVRAM?  if so, what else does that reset on the printer?  Thanks very much.

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Re: Reset Admin password on a Phaser 8560

Hey you!


Try "1111" as the password, this should be the default if no one has changed it.

If that does not work, you may need to do a reset, Resetting NVRAM returns stored parameters in the image processor board NVRAM to their factory default values.


If that does not work, you will need an engineer to look at ur machine.


Best Regards


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Re: Reset Admin password on a Phaser 8560

Hi ewornick,


There is no "default" username and password set on the Phaser 8560.  If the web page is asking for one, that means someone set one on the device at one point in time.  As long as the front panel isn't locked down on the device, an NVRAM reset should clear the password.  Directions on how to perform an NVRAM reset are here


**Please Note**

NVRAM Reset will set the machine to factory defaults and may change the IP address on the device. 


Hope this helps. 

Thank you,
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Re: Reset Admin password on a Phaser 8560

Tim, I have a related question on a CQ8580.

How long should it take to reset the NVRAM? I'm installing the printer on a different network and used the panel to reset, but it seems to be stuck. I've been waiting over a half hour. Is that normal?
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Re: Reset Admin password on a Phaser 8560

Tim hasn't been on the forum since 2014, pretty low chance of him answering.


45 minutes at most is the answer, 15 is more likely.


Reboot and hope.

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