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SNMP with last Universal driver dont work

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sorry for my english, i hope someone can help me.


I downloaded the last universal driver (5520.600.0.0) but snmp not working. in the driver properties, the settings of the printers, the paper size, the status of printer are not showing what is suppose to be, and my snmp community is set properly, but automatic configuration dont work. its still with default. But if i try the an older universal driver (5347.600.0.0) the snmp is working fine. our printers are installed using hostname, not IP


Xerox knowing this problem ?

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Re: SNMP with last Universal driver dont work

Xerox doesn't have this reported, so it may be on your end due to an odd setup. Or it could be printer specific (especially if the GPD stopped supporting your printer)


Since you din't actually post your OS or printer or anything beyond a driver version, I have nothing to compare against, so without further ado, here is mine with that driver having no issues on Win 7 to a 7855.


Here are the trays working just fine



Same for the hardware and installable options




Model of printer properly recognized




Driver properly current as of this post



And updates live in the preferences




So I would guess your port, or printer model is the issue, and possibly server issues (If there is a print server).


As with all Xerox devices, make sure the port does not have SNMP checked (causes conflicts with the one in the Configuration tab if you use Standard TCP/IP (Doesn't exist if using a real LPR port)



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Re: SNMP with last Universal driver dont work

I have this issue with all model of Xerox 5755, 5855, 7835,  . Im on Win 7, the printers are installed localy and on a server with name on TCP/IP port. The  SNMP is desable on printer port. Like i said, with older driver its working, so not understand why not working with lastest one.


thanks for your help.

for now i will set config with .dat files and printui.